In ruling on Shaheen Bagh protests, Supreme Court can rescue its image – By Rekha Sharma

No legislation in the recent past has triggered so much unrest and apprehension among people as the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) of 2019. It has led to protests, which have spread like bush-fire across the country, involving all sections of the society from university students to the common man, eminent citizens, members of civil society, leading Bollywood personalities and women in particular. The angst against the Act can be gauged from the fact that for over 57 days, women with small children are sitting on a round-the-clock dharna at Shaheen Bagh braving all odds. Many state assemblies, in an unprecedented move, have passed resolutions opposing the CAA. The government is not willing to take a step back nor has it shown any inclination to open a dialogue with the protestors to allay their fears.

Meanwhile, as many as 144 petitions have reportedly been filed in the Supreme Court challenging the constitutional validity of the Act. Thus, all eyes are now set on the Supreme Court.…

The SC is the custodian of the Constitution and the last hope of a citizen against the tyranny of the state. It is hoped that the Court will rise to the occasion and meet the challenge posed before it in terms of the Constitution, and more particularly, its Preamble, and will not fail the nation as it did in the ADM Jabalpur case.…


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