In Tamil Nadu, Dalit youth stops to defecate, is lynched 

A 24-year-old Dalit youth, who worked at a petrol pump near Villupuram, a town to the south of Chennai, was lynched when he squatted by the road to defecate.

While the incident happened on Wednesday, after videos of the torture began circulating in the area, police on Friday arrested seven people and said they were investigating the role of others.

According to a senior officer probing the case, the village where R Sakthivel was attacked is dominated by Vanniyars, a socially powerful OBC community in northern Tamil Nadu whose members are known to share an open animosity towards Dalits. While Sakthivel belongs to the SC Adi Dravida community, Vanniyars belong to the Most Backward Caste (MBC), which falls under the OBC category in Tamil Nadu.…


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