Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus Come Together in Massive Anti-CAA Rallly at Malerkotla – By Prabhjit Singh 

Tens of thousands of Punjabi Muslim women, several in burqas, peopled the massive rally against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) at Malerkotla in Sangrur district on Sunday. Crowds from across Punjab converged at the city’s Dana Mandi (literally, grain market), where under the leadership of the state’s 14 democratic organisations, mainly the left-leaning farmers’ and students’ bodies, led a massive demonstration.

The protesters accused the central government of carrying out a “communal agenda of targeting the country’s Muslim community”. … A large group of youngsters walked around the rally venue in what they said was ‘a funeral procession’ for the country’s top functionaries.

Religious harmony was the toast of the protest which saw Muslims and Sikhs come together and raise slogans against the government at the centre. Loud applause followed fiery speeches on stage. Renowned lawyer-activist Harsh Mander was one the main speakers.… “Yes, the countrywide protests are successful because of our Muslim sisters,” Mander added…


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